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Youth Programs at Saint Andrews (6th-12th Grade)

Sundays 5-7pm

The Balcony

Our youth love spending time in “The Balcony” – our brand-new youth space upstairs!

Yes, this was actually the balcony overlooking our sanctuary in the early days of our church. Now, the space has been renovated into four amazing rooms designed specifically with youth in mind.

We have a large gathering room filled with ping-pong, arcade basketball, air hockey, PS5 on huge screens, and tons of places to sit and be with friends.

Another room is set up with couches, rocking chairs, and lots of games. From a quick game of UNO to hours of monopoly, you’re sure to find something fun to do. We even have a couple of spots with computer access for you to get your schoolwork done.

Need some snacks? We have you covered with your very own café-style coffee room.

Gather around in our restaurant booths or relax in the club-style leather chairs.

We also have a room designed as our very own chapel with a prayer station on the back wall.

Of course, each room has a large, flat screen tv for videos, music or movies.


Be sure to look for the lion in each room, and remember to be bold and strong!

Each Sunday, we gather at 5:00pm for a snack supper in the kitchen and then head upstairs for some great fun and fellowship. On any given night, you might find us just chilling in the different rooms, having some great chats about Jesus, figuring out life together, or running in circles and laughing until we can’t breathe.

Upcoming outings include:

Minor league baseball games, All Out War!, bowling, pool parties, movie nights and more!