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Classes Offered at Saint Andrews

Citizenship Class

Studying for the Citizenship Exam

In 2016 Saint Andrews began working with (Orange Literacy and Apex Immigration Services and Church World Service) to provide

Citizenship Classes for those legal immigrants who want to prepare for the citizenship exam.

Participants must have knowledge of US Geography, History and Civics as well as to be able to read and write English. Materials from USCIS are used to help students learn. Classes are offered a few times a year, the classes are free and are taught in English.

Participants must understand English and have an active Green Card, classes meet in the evening several times a year.

As of Spring 2024, 81 people have graduated from the classes and submitted the 22 page application for citizenship!





Sewing Class

Sewing Class

Saint Andrews offers Sewing Classes several times throughout the year for either beginner or  more experienced sewers.

Beginning Level 1 sewing teaches participants the basics of sewing, the use of a sewing machine, various stitches, and techniques to master sewing.

Each class involves a new technique and a project to work on. Projects examples are snap purses, home items, tote bags, aprons, and working with scrap material or “crumb sewing”.

Level 2 classes will involve more complicated projects that build upon the techniques learned in Level 1. Classes are normally once a week for 8 weeks and held in the sewing lab at SAUMC. Materials and notions needed for the classes are provided to each participant.






If you are interested in any of the classes held here at Saint Andrews, contact the church office at or call (919) 772-4410.