SAUMC_History1a_thumbnail.png (100x76)pxIn June of 1964 annual conference was held in Burlington, North Carolina.  It was there that the late SAUMC_outside_view_thumbnail.jpg (100x75)pxBishop Paul Garber announced that due to the expected population increase in and around Garner, a new Methodist church would be built.  Bishop Garber appointed Reverend William D. Sabiston, III as the new minister.   Reverend Sabiston and his family moved into the new church parsonage at 201 Winterlochen Road which was purchased by the North Carolina Board of missions.

From July 1964 through November Reverend Sabiston knocked on doors in Garner neighborhoods inviting people to be part of the new church.  The church was initially given the name Southside Methodist Church and the first church service was held on November 1, 1964 in the Fred A. Smith school cafeteria. During the first church service, 58 people attended Sunday School and 68 attended church service.  Equipment used in our first church service was donated by neighboring churches and individuals.

In December 1964, Reverend Sabiston appointed a committee to recommend a permanent name for the church.  Serving of that committee with Reverend Sabiston were Louise Royster, the late Gene White, and the late Ed Mills.  They recommended three possible names.  They were: Christ Methodist Church, Emanuel Methodist Church, and Saint Andrews Methodist Church.

On January 10, 1965 Saint Andrews held its organizational service in the Fred A. Smith cafeteria.  Presiding ministers were Reverend Sabiston, the late Bishop Garber, and the late Reverend Nicholas Grant. Over 200 attended the service and 65 charter members were received into the church.  During the following months our membership continued to grow.

On January 18, 1965 the Methodist Women's club was organized followed by the Methodist Men on Marcy 9, 1965.

In May 1965 our first church budget was approved in the amount of $6,500 as was over pledged.

On October 6, 1965, the first church choir was formed.  Choir robes were donated by Hayes Barton Methodist Church and Garner Methodist Church.  Member of our first choir included Kathleen Byrd, Carol Stanley, the late Dot Casey, and the late Myrtie Dixon.

SAUMC_History1a_medium.png (339x258)pxSAUMC_History2a_small.png (186x225)pxOn November 21, 1965, the church purchased 8.6 acres of land on the corner of Maxwell and Vanessa drive for the sum of $25,000.  The land was to be the site of our new church.

Saint Andrews continued holding services for two more years at Fred A. Smith and on February 11, 1968 ground breaking service swere held on the purchased land with approximately 300 in attendance.  Construction began and nineteen months later on August 7, 1969 our original church building was consecrated.

In the years that followed our membership continued to grow and in early 1986 a charge conference was held and the church voted to add on to our existing church.

SAUMC_History4a_small.png (225x169)pxSAUMC_History3a_small.png (225x217)pxOn March 6, 1986 ground breaking services were held and ten months later on January 18, 1987 our new building was consecrated.

In 1995 our Stephen's Ministry and Mother's Morning Out programs were started.

In September 1996 our church building suffered major damage from Fran.


We have been blessed by many pastors since that first church service in November of 1964:

William D. Sabiston, III

Albert E. Thompson

Steven W. Johnson

Douglas Jesse

W. E. Tisdale

Lawrence Bridges

Bishop Paul Leeland

Jim Summey

Glenda N. Johnson

Richard Stone

Dr. Ed Gunter

Randy Maynard

Wayne Hicks

Vann Spivey

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