Live Nativity

The Christmas season is always busy.  The world seems to speed up with all of the commercial aspects of the holiday.

What does CHRISTmas really mean; why is this time special?

Saint Andrews is humbled to present a Live Nativity where we can experience the birth of the Christ child.  A Roman centry will meet you as you are transported back to the time God presented the world with the gift of Jesus.  The shepards watch over the sheep looking toward Bethlehem where the Christ child was born under that bright star.  The Angles rejoice at the birth of our Savior. Even though the inn keeper had no room in the inn, Mary and Joseph are blessed with a miracle in the manger.  The wisemen journey far bringing gifts for our new King.  Look at their faces, this child would save the world.  Experience Bethlehem the town with the market and tax collectors.  How was life in Biblical times?

Take a moment from the busy schedules, shopping, and be still.  Listen to God as He speaks through the faces of His children.   Remember why Christmas is special. 


Christ came into the world to walk with us, teach us, and save us through His sacrifice.