Safe Sanctuaries


As a Christian community of faith and a United Methodist congregation, St. Andrew’s United Methodist Church (“SAUMC”) is committed to providing a holy place of safety and security for all Children and Youth who participate in ministries and activities sponsored by SAUMC.

The Safe Sanctuary policy provides guidelines and procedures for those individuals who are called to work with and support the ministries for Children and Youth. SAUMC strives to meet or exceed the United Methodist standards and recommendations for best practices for safety and programming guidelines:

  • All volunteer and paid workers will complete a safe sanctuaries training before being allowed to work with children and youth on a regular basis.
  • All volunteer and paid workers will have completed and passed a national background check.

SAUMC annually educates the congregation each September and continually communicates these principles within the church newsletter and everyday activities of the church.  The Policy is reviewed annually by the Safe Sanctuary Committee appointed by the Church Council.  New members to SAUMC will receive a copy of the Safe Sanctuary Policy in their new member packet.

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 Policy and Training