Preschool hours are 9:15 to 1:15 or can be flexible, beginning earlier or ending later based on individual cases and staff availability.

We offer Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday classes with combined-age Monday and Friday classes for those already enrolled.  We have one class each for Toddlers, 2's, 3's, and 4's (Pre-K) with low ratios.

  • Toddlers - 1 teacher per 3 children, 6 max. per day
  • 2-3's - 1 teacher per 4 children, 8 max. per day
  • 3-4's - 1 teacher per 5 children, 10-12 max. per day
  • 4's/Pre-K - 1 teacher per 6 children, 12-14 max. per day


Registration is offered in February, but children can be put on a wait list at any time by calling the Preschool office at

919-747-9471 and leaving a clear message for the Director, Mrs. Pat.  Your call will be returned

as soon as possible.

2018-19 Registration:

 Registration is open to the public