This is a copy of a letter received by Deborah Upchurch, our liaison to this mission:

Dear Covenant Partners,

We can hear the roar.... of the rain hitting many tin roofs long before our own roof joins in the clatter..!!   Another summer season typhoon here in the Philippines.  Most the rain and in just a few moments, the streets of Tarlac being flooded and the children getting some relief from the heat by running through the water and doing a little friendly pushing for a shower space under our gutter spout.  The heat from the ground stored up from many days of the hot scorching sun bearing down for all the twelve daylight hours and the hot nights not allowing any steam to form before the ground surface is dried by the sun once again.  This is Tarlac City, Philippines.

Relief goods to those suffering death, hunger, and poverty and unable to help themselves.  Tents were sent from the USA stores of goods that were already here in case of an emergency like this.  Years of experiencing the weather and quakes here has the government somewhat prepared here, with assistance of the USA military already established since the 1940's. 

God had placed us here.  We were under His worry.  We are busy with the life here as ambassadors for Jesus.   We hold Worship Services, Bible studies as well as minister to and feed the children(about 300 weekly).Thank You to our covenant partners, St Andrews UMC, Faith Harvest, Bible Study & Prayer  Warrior Sisters in the USA.

Our message is simple and based entirely on the true Word of God, the Bible.  The simple plan of salvation is taught ... If you are aware that you are in sin, ask Jesus to forgive you of those sins and be the Lord of your life, no matter how terrible those sins may seem to be..., and He will forgive those who are truly sorry.  From that point on, you live your life for Him.  Take the good news to others, and if you sin, (we all will from time to time), confess the sin to Jesus, the intercessor for all sin.  That is our message.  The same message Jesus taught when He walked the earth and He requires of us even today.  This is the message we have for all people all over the world..  It is the Word Of God..  We have to preach it!

The Overseer and Bert had a talk that they will be starting to estimate how much it can cost to build a church where the basketball court was situated to put things in order,  That we must move the church were the rightful land was designated to the title.  They will be starting this 2012.   We pray that God’s Will will be followed and that His divine intervention will be felt in the rebuilding of His church.The Pastoral house also with build during that time……we the Pastor’s that time will live in the church!!!!Let’s Pray more…more….more!!!! 

Love you so much, Pastor Bert, Becca(wife),Rob-Rob(4yr Son),the coming baby Nai-Nai & Joel (helps with leading worship and feeding the children)