Run For God

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Run For God

The 5K Challenge is a practical guide to running and a 12-week training plan aimed at running a 5K while maintaining a Christian focus. Although people run for many different reasons, this book is for those who make God the center of their lives—or for those who are seeking a closer relationship with Jesus.

The tone is conversational and accessible, and the workout plans, discussion questions and Bible verses make it both a practical resource and a workbook for individuals and groups, especially beginning runners. From advice about shoes and Christian music for one’s MP3 player, to tips on race etiquette, this book will be useful and inspirational.

"Run For God - The 5K Challenge" is both a Bible study and a training program. The book teaches individuals how to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ while also illustrating the parallels between an endurance sport and the endurance that faith requires.

This study is for everyone!  In fact, it is designed for those who have never run. Working together, students are not only prepared for a race at the end of the course, but for a closer relationship with a loving God who wants to see us run for Him! And for beginning runners, the encouragement received is certain to improve race performance!

Be ready for your first 5K road race in just 12 weeks, and learn how this sport relates to the Christian faith in the process.