Disciple 2

DiscipleSeries_medium.jpg (161x57)px   DISCIPLE 2: INTO THE WORD INTO THE WORLD

This is the second of four DISCIPLE bible studies.
You must complete Disciple I before taking this class.

INTO THE WORD INTO THE WORLD is for youth and adults who are graduates of BECOMING DISCIPLES THROUGH BIBLE STUDY. INTO THE WORD INTO THE WORLD shifts the emphasis from the broad view to the deeper, more detailed view. Depth study of Scripture will be the work both of individual members and of the group in its weekly meeting. Participants will read familiar passages, seeing them in fresh ways and expecting God to speak through them.


  • proclaims the transforming power of Scripture;
  • teaches Bible study skills that take the participant deeper into Scripture;
  • reinforces the importance of keeping Bible study related to witness and service in the world;
  • connects the inner life and the outer life;
  • encourages the practice of spiritual disciplines arising out of Scripture for the purpose of changing habits and transforming lives;
  • emphasizes the rhythm of coming to God and going for God, of being in the Word and in the world individually and corporately;
  • understands the growing Christian as under discipline in community and in ministry to the world;
  • approaches all experiences of life as opportunities for faithful witness and service.

INTO THE WORD INTO THE WORLD uses the Bible as its primary text, encouraging participants to open themselves to hearing what God has to say to them through the Bible and to be guided into their particular ministry in the world by Scripture and their study of it.

INTO THE WORD INTO THE WORLD studies Genesis, Exodus, Luke, and Acts in their entirety. Each week's reading assignments will also include appropriate passages from other parts of the Bible.

INTO THE WORD INTO THE WORLD encourages discipline in Bible study and the practice of the spiritual disciplines of prayer, solitude, celebration, tithing, fasting, confession, simplicity,
and service. Each lesson will emphasize one or more of the spiritual disciplines and will always call persons to experience sabbath as a way of establishing the priority of the Creator in their lives. Learning the patterns and habits of the spiritual disciplines will enable persons to continue their own required nurturing and discipline. Practice of the spiritual disciplines will enable persons to pay the price of ministry in the world and to people in need.

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