Christian Believer

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What is Christian Believer?

CHRISTIAN BELIEVER examines the church's answer to questions that grow out of human life in general and out of Christian experience in particular.

What does the Church believe? What does it understand? CHRISTIAN BELIEVER is a different (and difficult) study designed to explore these questions and others.

CHRISTIAN BELIEVER is about doctrine - what the church teaches and believes. The church has a body of beliefs or doctrines that has been developed, argued about, and consistently taught over a period of nearly two thousand years. This study acquaints participants with that body of teaching.

CHRISTIAN BELIEVER begins with the Bible but has other sources contributing to the development of doctrine. Informed discussion requires becoming acquainted with those sources. Thus, CHRISTIAN BELIEVER is not a Bible study.

From the point of view of CHRISTIAN BELIEVER, belief in the gospel is accompanied by acknowledgment of the doctrines that go with the gospel.

Participants in CHRISTIAN BELIEVER will be opening themselves to what the church teaches, which requires their moving from the comfort zone of "what I believe" into the "what we believe" of the Christian community.

The above was taken from CHRISTIAN BELIEVER® training publications.