Bible Study

Bible_Study_2_thumbnail.jpg (100x66)pxSaint Andrews UMC is a congregation dedicated to a life of continued growth in our love and understanding of Jesus Christ through our many educational opportunities.  Our selection of Bible Study programs is varied in scope and length with studies as short as 4 weeks and as long as 36 weeks.  Our "Disciple" series studies are some of the most informative classes and foster a very deep relationship with all who attend each study series.  Our shorter series studies, such as Alpha, Beginnings, Psalms and the New Testament are great for those who can not commit to the longer length studies.  We strive to offer many choices each year so there is sure to be something new for you to try.  For a complete list of offerings each year, please contact our church office at 919-772-4410.

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"If you make my word your home, you will indeed be my disciples.” John 8:31

Beginnigs: An Introduction to the Christian Faith
Christian Believer
Christianity and World Religions
Companions in Christ
Disciple 1
Disciple 2
Disciple 3
Disciple 4
Invitation to Genesis
Invitation to John
Invitation to Psalms
Invitation to the New Testament
Invitation to the Old Testament
Invitiation to Romans
Jesus In The Gospels
Made To Crave
Motivated to Wellness
Run For God
Summer 2017
The Alpha Course
The Ten Commandments Then and Now